• Center For Research On

    Addiction And Brain Health

    Investigating unconventional therapies for optimal recovery.

  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to discover new therapies addressing addiction, neurodegenerative diseases and aging.

    Research on NAD+

    Mission: All Natural Cellular Regeneration

    Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a B vitamin derivative and coenzyme used by every cell in the body. Intravenous NAD+ has been used for years to assist in chemical dependence detoxification, but is also known for it's anti-aging effects. NAD+ is now being investigated as a potential therapy for various chronic conditions and neurodegeneration.

    Neurofeedback for Veterans

    Mission: Giving Back To Those Who Sacrifice

    Neurofeedback is a powerful tool approved by the FDA to help alleviate pain and anxiety, especially in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This non-invasive tool has been studied in numerous clinical trials specifically with PTSD, and CRABH hopes to combine this therapy with NAD+ to potentially promote regeneration within the brain. Additionally CRABH is investigating neurofeedback as a tool for addiction recovery, which is often a comorbidity associated with PTSD.

  • Meet the innovators

    Thomas Ingoglia

    Founder, CEO

    Thomas was chronically ill from a fluoroquinolone toxicity that sent his health in a downward spiral. Unsuccessful after listening to doctors and physicians, Thomas started to search for answers outside of conventional medicine. After discovering the impact of intravenous NAD+ he made it his mission to help others break free and find optimal health and wellness.

    Cambria DeMarco Perry, MSN, ACNP-BC, IFM

    Principal Investigator

    Cambria earned her Masters of Science in Nursing from Columbia, B.S. in Nursing from UCLA, and B.A. in Biology from UCSB. As an IFM Practitioner and Bredesen-certified provider, Cambria contributes her extensive knowledge on  lifestyle, biochemistry, and genetics to CRABH's research projects.

  • Meet the Research interns

    Lauren Scandura

    Research Intern

    I was first introduced to NAD+ in cellular biology and little did I know that this revolutionary molecule has endless possibilities for helping and healing people. I am ecstatic to be part of this research team that investigates 21st century therapeutics that have the potential to restore the health and wellbeing of patients impacted by chronic illnesses.

    Collin Stark

    Research Intern

    I like the freedom and out of the box thinking that I am allowed to do while doing my research. As a neuroscience intern, I am able to get into contact with experts in the field of medicine who are willing to aid in my research.

    Lauren Prahm

    Research Intern

    I absolutely love learning about all the wonderful, complex and mysterious things that happen in our brains. I am honored to be part of a team who is so passionate about saving lives and changing the world!

    Taylor Rusak

    Research Intern

    I enjoy the innovation and creativity that comes from working with the CRABH research team. We address brain health and wellness from a different perspective, which allows us to incorporate new, unconventional therapies that help people find their optimal health. I love knowing that my work with CRABH is truly making a difference in others’ lives

    Kayti Bartel

    Research Intern

    With a background in independent research on a variety of topics involving bio-hacking, it is extremely fulfilling to be apart of a team dedicated to solving the problem of aging and studying the brain itself. I have spent the last three years studying the brain and body myself. I love continuing to learn about the innovative ways to heal humans from the inside out.

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    Looking for team members with a drive to make a difference.


    We foster a learning environment

    Our interns and volunteers come from all backgrounds, but all share the deep desire to help make a difference in this world. We are looking for science content writers, research assistants, marketing geniuses, videographers and graphic designers. If you are an underdog with a heart of gold, please click here to apply through Chegg Internships.


    Let's make a greater impact together

    CRABH has teamed up with various organizations, including the NAD Treatment Center and Springfield Wellness Center, for research and innovation. CRABH is looking for other partnerships to collaborate on future projects and spread the knowledge we have discovered. If you are an organization that would like to be apart of the NAD+ or neurofeedback revolution, please fill out the contact form below.

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